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Copper Slag Sand Replacement

Effects of Copper Slag as Sand Replacement in Concrete

aggregate. Similarly copper slag is a by-product from copper industry which can be used as a sand replacement into concrete. II. MATERIALS AND METHODS The raw materials used in this research were cement, fine and coarse aggregate, copper slag, plastisizers and water. The cement used was 53 grade Birla super cement.

A Review on Partial Substitution of Copper Slag with

copper slag as a substitution replacement material of sand. Copper slag which is an industrial waste product can be used as replacement for cement with sand and contributes to the increase in various mechanical properties of concrete. Copper slag can be used up to 30 but when used ahead of 50 results in decrease in strengths. 13

Effect of copper slag and granite dust as sand replacement

Nov 07, 2020 It is evident that flexural strength continued to increase maximum up to 30 sand replacement with copper slag and granite dust at 28days, beyond that it goes on slightly decreasing as copper slag and granite dust percentages is increased. Up to 90 the strength is more than the control mix. Download Download high-res image 211KB

Studies on use of Copper Slag as Replacement Material

on the feasibility of copper slag as partial replacement of river sand for cement mortar as plastering material for repair and new constructions conventional clay brick specimens plastered with cement, sand and copper slag mortar. This cement paste portion determines the charac-teristics properties of cement mortar, in fresh and hardened stages.

Studies on use of Copper Slag as Replacement Material for

This work focuses on the use of copper slag, as a partial replacement of sand for use in cement concrete and building construction. Cement mortar mixtures prepared with fine aggregate made up of different proportions of copper slag and sand were tested for use as masonry mortars and plastering. Three masonry wall panels of dimensions 1 1 m were plastered.

PDF Partial Replacement of Copper Slag as Fine Aggregate

The use of copper slag in the concrete industry as a replacement for cement can have the benefit of reducing the costs of disposal and help in protecting the environment.


Water absorption of copper slag is found to be lesser than that of natural sand. 3. Copper Slag has a higher fineness modulus and bulk density than the fine aggregate. 4. As the percentage of copper slag replacement increases, the slump value increased. 5.

Can The Copper Slag Be Used Instead Of Sand In Concrete

the replacement of granulated copper slag for sand concrete. Contractors may also use copper slag in place of sand during concrete construction. ... industrial wastes like copper slag, eco sand

China Copper Slag Sand China Copper Slag Sand

copper slag product copper slag,copper grit for sand blasting This copper slag especially for vessel, bridge sand blasting, can acheive SA2.5. Copper slag purpose 1, to adapt to the new and old steel outdoor surface cleaning, cleaning, strengthening, etc. 2, as wear-resisting flooring aggregate, can be made hard floor tile, be applicable to ...

Copper slag as sand replacement for high performance

Therefore, it is recommended that 40 wt of copper slag can used as replacement of sand in order to obtain HPC with good strength and durability properties. AB - This paper reports on an experimental program to investigate the effect of using copper slag as a replacement of sand on the properties of high performance concrete HPC.

Comparison of The Replacement of Natural Sand by

Compare the strength in 40 replacement of copper slag at 7, 28, and 60 days. M. V. Patil, Y.D.Patil 3 investigated on Effects of copper slag as sand replacement in concrete, for this research work, M30 grade concrete was used and tests were conducted for various proportions of copper slag replacement with sand of 0 to 100 in concrete. Mr.

Experimental Investigation on Partial Replacement of

seen that the optimum content of copper slag is 40 beyond which the strength starts decreasing. Patil et al. 2016, this work investigates the effect of copper slag as sand replacement in concrete. This paper presents the experimental results of concrete with partial replacement sand by copper slag to

Use of copper slag as a replacement for fine aggregate

substitution of natural sand by copper slag. Workability was also reduced, although it stayed within reasonable limits. Research is going on at Civil and Architectural Engineering Department, Sultan Qaboos University, to investigate the effect of partial and full replacement of fine aggregate with copper slag on the strength and behaviour of ...

Replacement of Copper Slag used as Abrasive Blasting

used sand as abrasive media, but due to the occupational disease silicosis, which is caused by the inhalation of silica in sand, use of sand as abrasive media for blasting is prohibited. Currently copper slag is used widely in Shipbuilding and ship repair industries, due to its low cost,

replacement of fine aggregate with copper

An Experimental Investigation on the Properties of. Copper slag is one of the waste material which can be used in construction industry as partial replacement of fine aggregates ie river sand This paper presents the experimental work carried out by replacing fine aggregate with Copper slag

Copper slag sandblasting abrasives Iron Silicate

Copper will therefore result in less product consumption, less disposal cost, and overall, a more cost-effective media to use when compared with garnet, aluminum oxides, or crushed bottle glass, or coal slags. Copper slag is a hard, cubical, and aggressive sandblasting media. Contrary to its name it contains almost no copper

The Replacement Of Granulated Copper Slag For Sand

Utilization Of Copper Slag As A Partial Replacement Of. The percentage replacement of sand by granulated copper slag were 051015203040 and 50. The compressive strength was observed to increase by about 35-40 and split tensile strength by.

utilization of copper slag as fine aggregate in cement

5 investigate the feasibility of using copper slag, as a partial replacement of sand in the preparation of pavement quality concrete PQC and dry lean concrete DLC mixesand concluded that a blend of stone dust with copper slag content up to 40 could be used as fine aggregate for PQC as well as DLC.

PDF Performance of Copper slag and ferrous slag as

Corpus ID 112031287. Performance of Copper slag and ferrous slag as partial replacement of sand in Concrete articleSudarvizhi2011PerformanceOC, titlePerformance of Copper slag and ferrous slag as partial replacement of sand in Concrete, authorS. M. Sudarvizhi and R. Ilangovan, journalInternational Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering, year2011, volume1,

copper slag as sand replacement for high performance

PDF Copper slag as sand replacement for high performance . Thus this research was performed to evaluate the potential use of copper slag as sand replacement in the production of high performance concrete HPC Materials CementThe cement used in this study was ordinary Portland cement OPC purchased from Oman Cement Company This cement is the most widely used one in the construction


By using copper slag as fine aggregate as we can make environment more sustainable. It contributes to natural sand conservation. REFERENCE 1 Neel P Patel et al 2016, Sand Replacement with copper slag on mechanical properties of concrete International Journal of advanced Engineering and Research Development.

Applying Solid Residues of Copper Slag in Kerman

Al -Jabri et al. 2009 used copper slag as a sand replacement for provide the high-performance concrete. They found that the efficiency and strength up to 50 percent replacement of sand with copper slag increased and Water absorption was decreased up to 40. Fadaee et al. 2014 studied the properties of concrete made using slag of Sarcheshmeh ...

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