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Problems With Ferro Cement Boats

Boatbuilding with ferrocement Concrete Construction

It is essentially a thin slab of portland cement mortar reinforced with several layers of wire mesh. It is usually made without formwork and it differs from conventional reinforced concrete in that the percentage of steel is considerably higher, as is also the ratio of strength to weight. A ferro-cement boat

Amateur Interest Key to Increase in FerroCement Boat

Jan 25, 1970 These advantages of ferro cement boats are that they have a lower noise level they dont have condensation problems, and temperature does not

Ships Made of Concrete Amusing Planet

Nov 17, 2015 The basic problem with concrete ships is that they require a very thick hull to be as strong as a steel ship. ... Im not sure if a house boat qualifies as ship but in the Netherlands its quite common to build house boats out of concrete. Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. ... a hull combination of ferro cement at the bottom and half up made of ...

Ferro Cement Ingrid 38 Gaff Rigged Ketch Thoughts

generally the beliefs are that Ferro Cement is a much inferior method for building boats and that many of these were built by amateurs and that one should try to stay away from a Ferro Cement boat at all costs. I have come across a Ferro Cement Atkins Ingrid 38 Gaff Rigged Ketch. It appears to be laid up quite nicely. I am going to have her

Customer reviews How to build a ferrocement boat

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. michael egan. 5.0 out of 5 stars a classic, a huge trove of information. ... So glad I have a ferro-cement boat Reviewed in the United States on June 5, 2014. Verified Purchase. This book is worth its weight in gold It was so encouraging to read why a ferro-cement boat ...

ferrocement dinghy concrete boat

Apr 29, 2011 Note Jay R. Benford did some nice fc boats in the traditional skeletal method, and published a book about it titled PRACTICAL FERRO-CEMENT BOATBUILDING, co-authored by Herman Husen. When fc boat-building crashed in the mid-seventies, Benford was about to put small sailing craft with ultra-thin skins into commercial production.

Concrete Keel cheap easy Boat Ballast

The cement used for to build ferro-cement boats or for marine construction is normally a slow setting cement to which are added graded fines and a latex bonding agent to make it impervious to water. However, for our keel, Portland cement is fine after all it has been used as a

Ferrocement Construction Ferrocement Construction

1000 square feet ferrocement slab before casting. Cost of the total scheme is INR 66600- in month of March 2013 i.e. INR 66.6per square feet. For the sake of comparison RCC slab will consume steel worth INR 1, 35,000- and cement 150 bags for ferrocement slab 87 cement bags were consumed.

Concrete Cement in Steel boats Jackie Parry author

May 08, 2014 On boats concrete was primarily used as a cheap form of ballast however in Europe for new builds the use of cement based products in steel boats HAS BEEN BANNED. There is a reason for this. 1. The inside of the hull cannot be maintained against corrosion. 2. The slightest crack allows water ingress.

Repairing FerroCement Hull Damage Concrete Construction

Problem Clinic Repairing Ferro-Cement Hull Damage. By Concrete Construction Staff. Is it satisfactory to use standard ferro-cement methods to repair a hole in a ferro-cement boat A fast method of repair is to knock out broken pieces with a hammer until the mesh is completely free of all loose particles. An epoxy mortar is worked into the old ...

Ferrocement Boats Worst Sailing Invention Ever

Feb 15, 2010 A large pat of the problem with the Ferro boat craze was the hype done by the yards and designers wanting to sell the product. I remember clearly the promise of building a boat for 12 the cost in any other material. The number was nearly true for the hull only.

How to Paint a FerroCement Hull

Jul 14, 2020 Ferro-cement boat hulls are not the most popular in the marine industry. They present the boat owner with unique maintenance problems. The cement composite is poured over an iron frame of rebar and hardware cloth. Consequently the boats hull surface is rough and grainy, similar to a concrete porch or sidewalk.

Epoxy Paint Trial On FerroCement Boat

In the tropics the boat owner can expect to renew this top coating every 12 months. Most hull types can have problems with their coating systems of one sort or other. Ferro-cement hulls are no exception. I have seen many examples of where ferro boat owners have renewed the entire coating system, only to have it blow off within the first year.


Both systems adhere very well to the surface of the ferrocement and can be used without any problems. However, the systems should not be mixed. Painting the hull interior. The inside of the hull will usually require a certain amount of painting, particularly in a fishing boat.

Restoring Aquarius Our 55 Ferro Cement Sailing Ketch

The yard wanted to inspect the boat before they tried to lift her, given that she was ferro cement and theyd had problems with other cement boats. We had them lift the mizzen mast off the deck and take it down to the mast yard for refinishing and rigging. We had arranged to be the last haul out of the day and leave the boat hanging in the ...

FerroCement Applications Advantages and Disadvantages

Ferro Cement also called Ferro-concrete is a rich or composite mortar plaster applied to both sides of a thin and well distributed reinforcement layer usually a layer metal mesh and closely spaced thin steel rods. Normally plaster of 12 cement mortar should be applied to a matrix structure made of weld mesh would round the chicken mesh.


My experience with ferro-cement started as a young man, by reading about how to build ferro-cement boats. The idea of using chicken wire and cement construction is not at all new. The old timers called houses with this type of construction Chicken wire amp cement houses , which pretty well described them.

Used Ferro Cement 55 for sale Sailing Boats

Used Ferro sailing boats for sale from around the world. Search our full range of used Ferro Cement 55 on www.theyachtmarket.com. - page 1

Laminated Ferrocement

Dec 16, 2009 Laminated Ferrocement was put forth by Martin Iorns, and his workers, who built commercial boats and other marine applications in the 1970s. The company was called Fibersteel, and was strategically located on the Sacramento river delta where the days are cool and overcast, and the conditions favorable for production, and launching of large boats.

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