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The Crusher Conditioning Rolls

Contact Us The Crusher The Crusher

Contact Us - A resource to answer all your questions and get you set up with The Crusher so you can start cutting down your hay and forage drying time.

Whats the best choice in conditioner rollers

Oct 23, 2009 Nearly every brand offers conditioner rollers for their mowers though, but there are many differences in their shape and material - but not even the manufacturers really know the benefits about their chosen thread. ... they also offer a system of conditioner rolls, called The Crusher . Interestingly their rollers are pretty much the same as ...

Super conditioning rolls Machinery HayTalk Hay

Aug 20, 2009 Super conditioning rolls break the stems up well so it really helps with the first part of drying alfalfa. However the leaves need to dry down too and a super conditioner isnt going to helps the leaves dry faster. ... the crusher from BampD looks the same as the ones from CircleC unless of course you watch the Youtube video and it shows the ones ...

BampD Crusher Machinery HayTalk Hay amp Forage

Dec 18, 2019 BampD Crusher - posted in Machinery Hello, new to the forum, I am going to be re conditioning my swathers this off season, we run New Holland Rotarys, all have rubber chevron rollers, they usually dry the hay down to were we are raking in 3 to 5 days depending on time of year, are the BampD rollers better And if so why, I understand the full contact rolls can make the hay softer which

flail conditioner vs rubber rollers Machinery HayTalk

Dec 17, 2012 flail conditioner vs rubber rollers - posted in Machinery Hi there, Im new to this forum so Im sorry if this is already a thread Were going to start growing hay next year so were looking for a bit of info. Weve been looking at discbines a bit and Ive been hearing mixed reports on which conditioning system is preferred by you guys and why.

Rolls Repair United Gear Works

United Gear Works roll reconditioning and repair services can include the removal of seized chocks and bearings, and more importantly, the weld repair of the roll journals. United Gear Works uses only the highest quality vacuum degassed clean steel, properly forged to meet the strictest ultrasonic testing standards in the roll industry.

Roll crushers SlideShare

Apr 24, 2015 If a 2 inch particle is fed to the roll crusher the absolute smallest size one could expect from the crusher is 12 inch. Roll crushers will only crush material down to a minimum particle size of about 10 Mesh 2 mm. A roll crusher crushes using compression, with two rolls rotating about a shaft, towards the gap between the rolls 5.

Mowing 500R Rotary Platform John Deere US

Tri-Lobe steel conditioning rolls have three intermeshing chevron lobes to crush the length of the stem for improved conditioning and faster drydown. The rolls are manufactured using a patented process. The steel material increases wear life, especially in abrasive crops or soil conditions.

Crusher Rollers Fine Twine Products The Fine Twine Co

The Ultimate in Hay Conditioning Rollers All new premium aftermarket replacement rollers run on any machine. Balanced at 1000 RPMs, use existing tension system, no air bags, no modifications to your machine. Crusher Rollers are designed specifically for high abrasion resistance. Rubber lugs are 1-34 inches thick, the deepest lug on the market. Crusher Rollers have a smaller, stronger core than OEMs.

Find a Dealer The Crusher The Crusher

The Crusher is designed with a proprietary rubber compound that compresses stems completely to make softer hay that retains more leaves, significantly providing better nutritional value in the plant. See our full product information or find a dealer to learn more. ORDER NOW 320-634-5115

Cook supplies Circle C Equipments Crusher conditioner

Jan 01, 2001 The Crusher conditioning rolls consist of specially designed rubber, bonded onto steel rolls. When pressure is applied to the rolls, by an adjustable-pressure air

The Real Deal Roller versus tine designs Progressive Forage

Mar 05, 2014 Roll conditioning crimps the stems and gently scuffs away the protective wax from the plants cuticle layer. Roll conditioning is considered the most versatile system of providing gentle conditioning of delicate legume crops and aggressive conditioning of tall cane-grass crops. Flail tine conditioning strips away the protective wax from the plants cuticle layer by passing the crop over a

BampD crusher rolls Machinery HayTalk Hay amp Forage

Sep 09, 2013 Page 1 of 2 - BampD crusher rolls - posted in Machinery I have had it with the steel rolls in our haybine that were supposed to make hay dry quicker than rubber rolls. This on a NH 8060 haybine 416 head. At first, I thought about simply putting the rubber style from NH in, but then it occurred to me to check elsewhere. I check with the 2 manufacturers that I could think of, and the BampD is just ...

Whats the best choice in conditioner rollers Machinery

Oct 15, 2009 I also found BampD Rollers httpwww.bdrollers.com. they also offer a system of conditioner rolls, called The Crusher . Interestingly their rollers are pretty much the same as the Circle C ones. Would be great if anyone, who knows more about those conditioners or is even using them could give me a feedback

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